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Iranian Digital Market Advertisement
Iranian Digital Market Advertisement

Iranian Digital Market Advertisement

Communication can be a flow in which two or more people exchange ideas, thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Through the implementation of corporate messages, companies change or influence the behavior of others, thereby achieving organizational goals.

Companies with the communication process want to influence their environment. Communication in today's busy world is the management of customer purchasing process in the long run. That's why marketers pay attention to pre-purchase and after-consumption periods. As it is clear there are some ways in which advertisements in Iran or even communication in Iranian market and also global market can reach high level of making goods and seek perfectionism. This is crystal clear that customers are different, so effective communication is varying in different parts of the Iranian market. Successful enterprises are working on a variety of communication tools to achieve predetermined goals. Advertising in Iran is one of the five components of promotional tools that, along with the promotion of sales, public relations, personal sales and direct marketing, communicating with Target audiences are used ought to marketing in Iran. In addition to the five promotion tools, other components of the Iranian marketing mix are also effective in creating and developing contact with the audience.
Marketing on social networks ultimately leads to mouth-to-mouth advertising, which makes this kind of advertising more valuable than your marketing message, and newer customers are more likely to trust your advertiser, Because when one of your acquaintances shares your marketing message, the person receives your promotional message through a friend and acquaintances, which means that your message is acknowledged by a person.
Nowadays, accessing to social networks via mobile is much easier and more inclusive. This has led to the launch of social networking campaigns that are more popular with their mobile apps, and the better and faster successes in most cases. An example of the most successful mobile social networking site is Instagram, which is a fully mobile network that we see the activities of the leading brands in the social network. The success of marketing over Instagram and social network is so high that Instagram's marketing has become a specialized branch of social networking marketing.
Advertising in Iranian market
Among the various communication tools, the role of advertising in Iranian market, especially in consumer markets, is importantly delicate. Promoting the introduction of goods or services by impersonal means is the responsibility of the individual or organization. An advertisement for marketing in Iran is a way to inform Iranian costumers and encourage them to buy goods or services that meet their needs and wishes. Business organizations, commercial companies, non-profit organizations, social and professional organizations, and even political people all appreciate advertisements to advertise their existence and public awareness. Advertising in Iran is the most powerful awareness tool in the identification of a company, product, service, or thought and vision due to marketing in Iran. Advertising in Iranian market is effective when it is limited to the target market. So, the first step in advertising, exploring and accurately identifying target audiences from different cultural, economic, demographic and other aspects. It should be accepted that any competitive marketing activity, including advertising in Iranian market, should begin with marketing research. That's why research is the first steps in the formulation of the fundamental steps of the marketing process.
Types of Mobile Advertising in Iranian Digital Market Advertisement
During this time in the digital marketing area we've been working with a variety of companies for mobile advertising for various applications, here we try to explain the cooperation models and the types of services these companies seek in the digital marketing in Iran.
According to surveys that we have been running online advertising agencies for this term, they are divided into four broad categories:
• Full service agencies
• Online advertising agencies (click advertising)
• Mobile advertising agencies
• Video advertising agencies
These four groups may have overlapping in the same services.
Types of collaboration modes:
For mobile ads, we usually work with the following companies:
1. CPC (cost per click): The cost per click costs
2. CPI (cost per install): The cost per installment is received
3. CPS (cost per subscriber): The cost per activation is received
4. CPA (cost per action): The cost per action is usually payable
Due to applications in different domains like VAS, we usually worked with companies with CPI, CPS, and CPA. Of course, most of them work as CPCs, and according to the conversations and collaborations that fifteen companies have with this space, nearly four companies operate as CPIs, of which, due to the hardships and risks that CPS and CPA have, two Companies also work this way.
Kinds of promotional models:
For the situations we’ve mentioned above, especially the cost of installing each company, you usually have several options that are as follows:
• IFRAME: This type of ad is usually displayed as pop-up on the user's screen.
• PUSH NOTIFICATION: This ad is sent to the user according to the apps they are working with.
• BANNER: A banner advertisement that is displayed in the app and can vary depending on its size.
• Video: Video ads are displayed in the app.
• Icon (ICON): Appears as an icon in the app at first, and after it is clicked on that installation.
REWARD BASE is that in the app, if it is installed, it will give the person a rating, which is of course higher than the rest.
Ps: Each of these models has different prices. It is usually not possible to tell the price in a particular way due to price changes at different times.