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Clockwork industry in Iranian market
Clockwork industry in Iranian market

Clockwork industry in Iranian market

Clockwork industry is almost finished in Iranian market. In the most cases the Iranian clock industry is shutting down. At present time, no watches are produced in Iranian market.

There are currently no clock manufacturing companies in the country for marketing in Iran, and only one or two companies have been licensed by government agencies to bid, but in fact there is no watch production.
Esfandiari, a clock importer, said that now only the assembly of wall clocks is being completed, ISNA's correspondent said: "Currently, the required wristwatch is being supplied by the country through imports, because assembly and production of this product is not economically valuable." For example, a watch is bought at a price of $ 3,000 from China, however; the production cost would be much higher than the selling price, noting that the clock production in the country for marketing in Iran is not economically justified.
"Some of these watches are under license and branded by well-known Swiss companies such as Rado, which is why they have high quality," said Esfandiari, who said that wrist watches are coming to Iranian market more from China, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. At the moment, computer wrist watches are imported for marketing in Iran from Malaysia and Singapore. "
He said, "For example, at a wristwatch by the cost of 170 thousand Tomans, only 4 thousand Tomans has been allocated to its engine, and the rest will be related to the cost of the design and frames of the clock, which includes a very small part of the total cost of this product.”
He said the type and hardness of the alloy used in the product and the machining equipment needed to cut it at a reasonable price is difficult to apply, "The good quality watch has a stainless steel strap with high crust and nickel, which the development of this product requires advanced equipment, which also has a high price."
Referring to the high cost of laying the watch, he said: At present, the plating machine, which is capable of plating 40 microns gold on the clock, does not exist in Iranian market, and the price of these machines is about 60 to 70 million Tomans. Of course, recently one of the Iranian inventors managed to make this product at a price of about 12 million Tomans, which if this equipment is to be manufactured in the country for marketing in Iran, low cost plating will be possible. "Plating has an important role in the durability of the watch, with the fact that the clock plating in Dubai or China, on average, is about $ 5, 000," he said, adding that 30 percent of the work on laying the frames and cages depending on the type of plating; there will be only $ 200 in the line of doing so.
Special attention of Swiss watchmaking industry in Iranian market
Vienna - Swiss watchmaking industry is moving toward new and thriving markets, having special attention on the Iranian market.
According to IRNA, although foreign tourists buy a lot of watches while traveling to Switzerland, according to the Le Thom newspaper, from the owners’ point of view what is worthy is; branching their watch industry in their land.
Meanwhile, the Tag Hoover watchmaking group has noticed is the high capacity of the Iranian market.
The ALVMH Group has also opened its sales center in Tehran, the third largest center in the world for marketing in Iran.
The Swiss watchdog industry expands its economic landscape by gaining new customers out of Iranian market.
Once the Swiss watchmaking industry is present in the best streets and the most luxurious business complexes of the advanced world, the turn of the new markets is on; markets such as China, Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Lebanon in Asia, Czechs in Europe, Brazil and Peru in Latin America and Angola in Africa. Swiss watchmaking industries officials insist that this widespread and booming market should not be get neglected.
Many believe that buying from the central market and the stock market of each commodity will come up with better result; do you know Iranian market?
The purchase of every commodity from its main stock market can have many positive aspects that make it possible for anyone to go to these centers for a while, even once and for all. The wristwatch is one of those extras and gadgets that have a wide variety of brands and new and abundant collections that can be bought at the Tehran Watch Clock, which can be said to be the strongest watch shop in Iranian market.
Qaiserie Market
This market is one of the oldest shopping and selling centers in Iran, located on the Panzdahekhordad in Tehran (known as the Big Market). This old and vast market in Tehran was many people and families’ first choice to buy wedding clocks and more. This market is one of the most popular watch centers in Tehran, which most people are familiar with.
Of course, other than the Qaisarri line in the Tehran market, there is no other place in Tehran which has the true meaning of the stock of this commodity, but there are streets in Tehran that, have a large shopping mall or a large number of shops which are somehow a good center for buying watches. Especially for the original and branded watches; that their supply center is limited to, and they are located mostly on the outskirts of Tehran.
The presence of valid brands of wristwatches in the corners of the city is scattered, but the main center of these dealings is the Geisha area (Koie Nasr), where most of the famous brand names are there, and when customers are to buy a beautiful trusting watch, they go there.