Software Localization for Iranian Market

Marketing in Iran and Software Localization

Design Software UI for Iran’s Market

One of our best services is designing software UI for Iran’s market. We provide this service because a monistic view is needed through the huge amounts of details in marketing in Iran and create an output suitable for Iran’s market. 


Translate Software’s Text to Farsi (Persian)

Many software users prefer to have an application which is localized on their own language. Persians usually neglect those applications which are not in Farsi. Indeed it is important that software is translated to Farsi.

Compile software build with localized files

Compiling main code into feasible code leading to have implementer production is called the process of software building. The process of development happens after translation by using localized files.

There are some essential changes which have got to be adjusted after that localized application is built. Specific common adjustment needs to be resized for UI elements in order to compensate during changes between two languages. Those changes may mean that UI layout would be affected; moreover UI elements such as buttons should be resized.

This process could be handled internally even though Iran Localize is much more helpful for outsourcing. To figure out that how Iran localize is helpful, please contact us. 

Localized Software and Application Testing

Testing the software for language accuracy and its function is the next level of our work after that user interface element is translated. To make sure that the lingo is proper and fluent, Iran Localize uses native experts who test the linguistics’ coherent and cohesion.

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