Bodybuilding equipment marketing in Iran

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Bodybuilding equipment marketing in Iran

Nowadays, if anyone is going to buy sporting goods, the first place to come to mind is Muniirie Square in Iranian market, which now is called the most popular sport center area in Iranian market.

The stock extends from Pelaim Bahadur to the intersection of Valiasr Street and Imam Khomeini. It is a place that can meet the needs of all athletes and sports enthusiasts such as bodybuilders.
But this market, as in many markets in Iran, is still incomplete regarding what it should or should not present in its best quality over marketing in Iran. According to most market participants, apart from the fact that the first month of the year is usually at the pick the rest is so not well profited because, there are other reasons, such as rising prices, as well as the failure to determine the price of goods that are manufactured inside or imported goods for marketing in Iran, are also involved in this type of marketing in Iran. But on the same market, there are also products that are much more likely to sell than other sports products. Examples include bodybuilding equipment. Of course, it's not the famous bodybuilder that gets the bodybuilding. Rather, it's more of a welcome device for fitness. Like treadmills, massagers, optics, airbags, fixed bikes and similar devices. These devices are commonly used to lose weight. These equipments are different in size, which makes it easy to use them at home for Iranian costumers.
But despite the relatively good sales of sporting goods in Iranian market, there is a wave of concern among sellers. According to some of them, rising prices of metals and petrochemicals consumed in this type of equipment have led to an increase in the final price of goods; price increases also affect sales, and the consumer may also prefer not to use these equipment individually, which causes a recession that this market will take.
But in that market, which, according to its activists, is still not what it should and may not be the case, what is most apparent is the presence of immersive Taiwanese appliances for marketing in Iran. Of course, you can see the Chinese or Iranian type of sporting goods, but the dominance of Taiwanese goods in Iranian market is such that you can see any Taiwanese sports equipment made by several companies.
When you ask the reason for it, it's worthy because of the cost-efficient price and better quality. According to some activists in Iranian market, although all devices that use the Chinese are standard, they have all the technical and medical points they need to make, the Taiwanese goods are based on the history of their manufacturing, as well as the competition between their manufacturers There are advantages, and most importantly, the export market that is now at the disposal of them has led to more consumer use, because, they try to keep their foreign markets out of the market while preserving excellence in quality and maintaining competitive conditions.
According to one vendor of this type of equipment, the Taiwanese have learned that it is the only export that can sign a survival order for the factories. Because of how much their domestic consumption is, then, since the time when the first rival factory met Iranian market needs, it has certainly been exported and all its efforts have been to provide markets with the necessary domestic supplies and with the expanding use of these devices. One of these markets has been Iranian market. I do not know why, but maybe despite the fact that we also see high-quality devices in Iranian market, they have not been able to produce as much as they should, and perhaps something, to make the buyer more attractive, and still the preference for the market is Taiwanese goods, because of the quality, the model, the variety, the price and the weight are still the best in terms of quality. Still, the bodybuilding equipment produced in Iranian market or similar to the Chinese has not been able to overcome the superiority of the Taiwanese. These days, if the one goes to Muniirie Square or other places selling these types of devices, you will see what Taiwanese companies have been able to take on the market pulse with what goals and precise planning.
Initial Investment
Majid Mohebi, owner of a club in Tehran's Afshir, says: "Fitness clubs are categorized in terms of qualitative, quantitative, geographical location, equipment and facilities.
Local small clubs that work in the old neighborhoods are very limited in terms of equipment.
To set up such a club, it will eventually cost 5 million USD. In other words, equipment will eventually be allocated from 1.5 to 2 million USD, and the rest will be allocated to the property deposit.
There are also clubs that are set up in the centers of Tehran and major cities with 30 to 40 percent of the cost of large clubs and have relatively good income.
The entrance of these clubs in cities is between 10-15 thousand tomans and in Tehran is between 20 to 25 thousand boxes. Due to the fact that there are no special facilities in these clubs, finally 2 or 3 thousand box will be added to the amount of the entry.
In these clubs, fixed customers will eventually spend between 150 and 200 USD.
At best, the profits of these clubs after deducting all costs are from two to a half to three million Tomans. The equipment required for small local clubs is two to three treadmills, each of which has between 2 and 3 million packages available for purchase along with a few more bodybuilding equipment that ultimately will cost a total of 2 million USD.
According to experts, the second groups of clubs are very different; the entry of these clubs starts from 30 thousand tomans, even reaching 60 to 70 thousand tomans. These clubs are equipped with all the facilities and at the very least one customer costs 80 to 90 thousand USD for each session. The club also has hairdressers and baths at times. To equip such a club, the space needed is between 100 and 200 meters. Two to three presses each with average price of 4000 USD, two long machines and a meeting with an average price of 180 thousand USD, two slimming vibrators is required too. Also, a variety of dumbbells with a floor price of 100 thousand tomans, three gymnastics machines and wallets for 200 to 300 thousand, two muscle stimulating devices for 500 to 800 thousand, and such.


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