Bodybuilding fever and its marketing in Iran

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Bodybuilding fever and its marketing in Iran

Among various sports these days, fitness and bodybuilding are among the most popular; the sport is so welcoming in Iranian market that it comes to establishment of gyms in most streets and every neighborhood, and of course, fitness marketing in Iran benefits huge number of people who are interested in this sport.

According to the reporter of Mehr, for several years, the bodybuilding fever has been high in Iranian market, and the prevalence of the use of illegal drugs has also increased. nowadays, the tendency of people, especially adolescents and young people has laid on bodybuilding for having beautiful and muscular bodies, although it is considered as an important and valuable activity as an exercise, but it has been seen that with the lack of awareness of the athlete in the use of supplements and medications It is referred to as a sports supplement, the health of the younger generation of the community is at risk and its negative consequences even names of some heroes have mentioned in the black list or the deprived of sports activities over marketing drugs in Iranian market. It's inevitable to use healthy supplements for professional athletes to strengthen physical strength and energy lost due to exercise pressure, but the presence of unlicensed drugs which are available in Iranian market in clubs or by some of the speculators is taken place easily among younger generation and the mafia of bodybuilding drugs in Iranian market out of this sport is a big concern that has so far not taken root to control it.
When making money becomes the priority of clubs
One of the young heroes of the country's bodybuilding team believes that if the economic and income aspects bodybuilders in their personal life; the clubs are not their priority, and the science of coaches and athletes is going to be neglected; however, the use of some materials in Iranian market is legal and with the least risk among the athletes. The legal drug for marketing in Iran is available in drugstores and special clinics.
Farshad Aghababai continues to talk about this matter: Unfortunately, in the Iranian market despite the abundance of clubs, there are only a few clubs that are seriously concerned for the championship morality and the rest are actually active only for marketing in Iran only because of the money. In the last three or four years, the championship has been plagued by the many, and I think that the high cost of championing, on the one hand, and the low level of knowledge of the coaches on the other hand, has not made acceptable progress for the championship in all of these clubs that are active in Iranian market.
Agababy said that supplementation is needed for those practicing in this field, but he adds that the use of these materials should be concerned due to athletic age and complementary health; athletes under the age of 17 should not take supplemental medications because of its affordable injury. On the other hand, one should pay attention to the person's workout history. All this is a must while even authorized proteins are sold in pharmacies in Iranian market, which are not suitable for any age. It's an unfortunate matter that not only in Iranian market but in the global market we see early coaching in this sport, as many of those who are champions are immediately followed by one or two championships. Coaching will take place while their lower level of education is not desirable for bodybuilding and may also be risky athletes.
The hero of the Iranian bodybuilding team, Nutrition, Exercise, and Supplemental Health is indisputable with his coach for the championship in this sport, and with the lash, the short life span in this sport says: Achieving the championship in this discipline is so extreme, this makes many who will want to make the championship road shorter; they may eventually win the championship, but they must know that they will soon be out.
People respect handsome people more
More of the tendency of adolescents and young people are to exercise and start bodybuilding in Iranian market. The use of this stratum is also widespread in the use of illegal drugs. Drugs that act as bodybuilders with bulky muscle at the same time of use, and their harmful effects take on individuals. More than 16 percent of the visitors to bodybuilding clubs that use newborns use anabolic steroids that are blended with glassy opium, the materials that are now available in Iranian market. Most of this so called "love" is placed for marketing in Iran.
Ali, a 21-year-old young man who says "men look great in a non-fat body; these people are more respectful than others". Ali does not think in the wrong way, and this is confirmed by the psychological sciences, that people with more cozy and well-dimensioned physics are more attractive.
Real bodybuilders will never lose the beauty of their bodies
The 28-year-old champion of the 7th Iranian Bodybuilding League says: "Unfortunately, these people are increasing their numbers every day, they have to accept that they have to do good exercise and have a good time, good nutrition to build a good body." Using true supplements and counseling available in Iranian market has no harm.
Abolfazl Mirzai continues: "Real bodybuilders will never lose the beauty of their bodies." These days, first-class food supplements, like substrates, are a little and very valuable, if you do not know science, you're sure to be deceived. Mirzai, who coaches in Gorgan, states: "Newcomers to fitness clubs see a good body and they like it, and this makes them rush. In fact, these people are being deceived and by doing so they are destroying themselves because of the principles of bodybuilding, proper nutrition, continuous exercise, adequate rest, and the use of healthy supplements with awareness of their use.
Coach skip athletes do not eat shots
"Teenagers and young people do not waste their life and health, which is the greatest blessing, and do not get mistake the coach." These are the warnings of a coach whose main concern in this sport is heroism.
Ezatollah Rajablou, who has received around 100 titles from the top three titles in his country during two decades of club-building in Iranian market, says: "More than 60 percent of our clients have targeted our health, fitness, ideal fitness, and specialist gymnastics." There is a sport in which our street bodybuilders are about 10 to 15 percent, and among others, they have the goal to win. The minority group accepts our order not to use the illegal nutrients in Iranian market and keep them healthy, but some will get upset and go.
"It's unfortunate that many clubs use coaches who do not have much experience in the championship and experience," he said, pointing out that a coach should be able to properly guide the athlete and, by knowing the body type, lead him to the championship. And some with little knowledge claim very much as they are a know it all. The instructor must have a resume in the champion training in his city or province or any part of Iranian market or global market and can be scientifically upgraded. Unfortunately, in these clubs the coach does not have a permanent presence, at many times there is no manager, so in my opinion the name of this place is a supermarket, not a club.


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