The unique taste of Iranian salt in the world market

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The unique taste of Iranian salt in the world market

The annual production of 1,500 tons of salt from the Khuzestan Sea Mines has led the province to produce 60 percent of the Iranian market’s total salt and 4 percent of the world's sea salt. It is a process that is only ongoing in two units of salt processing and extraction from offshore mines, and provides seasonal jobs for more than 500 people.

The exploitation of marine mines is one of the processes that require sophisticated mining technologies. The trend has already been made out of Iranian market in the governorate of the Khuzestan Industry, Mine and Trade Organization.

Seyed Noorollah Hassanzadeh said that 10 licenses for salt extraction from maritime mines were issued by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade of the province, of which only 2 units were issued per license in the port of Petrozavodsk The Imam and the private sector have been granted licenses to employ more than 500 people based on the type of activity in the season for marketing in Iran and global salt marketing.

With 11,000 hectares of salt-extraction land, France only harvest 600,000 tons of salt from its own mines, while Khouzestan, with its 800 hectares of land, has more than 1 million tons of salt on the agenda. Of course, according to the plans, implementation of development plans to increase the amount of salt extraction from the maritime mines of the province is currently underway in addition to achieving Iranian market and global markets pick, there is also a word in the transnational markets that, thankfully, has so far been successful with marketing in the African countries, European and Gulf edges for the yearly export of more than 5 million tons of sea salt is needed for market-making, and it is hoped that with the realization of development plans will be achieved.

Salt extraction from marine mines due to the quality and purity out of Iranian market that has in the edible and industrial sectors has a special place. Hassanzadeh said: "Salt extraction from seawater has been highly regarded in the food and petrochemical industry due to its advantages over conventional salts. For this purpose, more than 1.5 million tons of salt annually from Khuzestan Sea mines in two units which are active in this field for marketing in Iran and global marketing, which largely eliminates the need for petrochemical units and food industry in Iranian market.

The exploitation of industrial units for the processing and extraction of minerals from sea water is one of the advantages that can, in addition to creating employment and adding value, make the country import more. Hassanzadeh said: In addition to the two active units of the first phase of the first phase, another unit in the field of salt extraction from the sea mines of the province with a physical advance of over 70 percent and the ability to produce about 60 thousand tons of salt will be exploited by mid-winter this year out of Iranian market, which is now before Launching, marketing for the export of the product has been accomplished, which hopes to reach 300 thousand tons by planning and implementing its development plans.

Utilizing technology and facilities is the most important process that can play a significant role in the production or extraction of minerals from mines. The head of the Khuzestan Industry, Mine and Trade Organization emphasized that a large number of domestic investors have been licensed to exploit the marina of the province due to the lack of familiarity with the process of extraction and the lack of facilities and technology necessary to carry out So far, no activity has been undertaken to construct or operate processing units.

The price of the finished product and its supply to the Iranian market is one of the advantages that can create a high added value. Hassanzadeh said that the price of one ton of sea salt per world market is now between $ 50 and $ 70, however, the private sector operating in this area has provided one ton of sea salt at a price of $ 30,000 per ton Petrochemicals and food industries, which has created a healthy competition between petrochemical industries.

New technologies to increase productivity for marketing in Iran and global marketing

The construction and commissioning of Mineral Processing units in each province, in addition to activating the impregnated value, creates an appropriate employment and prosperity, which requires some support, use of technology and machinery of the day. The chief of the Khuzestan Industry and Mine House emphasized that the exploitation of marine resources is one of the most important achievements that can increase the industrial rank of each country in the global arena, which is currently due to the exploitation and extraction of salt from the Khuzestan Sea mines By the private sector, this has been achieved for marketing in Iran. Achieving new technologies to increase productivity and quality of production is one of the most important industrial and production indicators in the international arena, and any country with this technology can certainly use it to get more value added.

Faramarz Ahmadinejad, addressing this issue, said: "Fortunately, due to the achievements that the province's private sector has obtained from seawater in the field of salt extraction, it has been invited many times by reputable universities in the world and the countries of the region to invite them to report, which is evident It has the potential of Iranian researchers in various fields.

Extraction of the highest degree of salt purity from the private sector of Khuzestan by changing technology and processing methods has led the unit operating in this field to reach the top 10 rank of the world's 3rd rank, taking into account the implementation of the development plans that are on the agenda. In the near future we will see the extraction of other materials from sea salt, which can create a high added value.

Each industry goes through growth and growth through coherent management and utilization of existing capabilities at one point, which has definitely managed to reach this level of progress by going through problems. The head of the Khuzestan Industry and Mines House emphasized that the confirmation of the technical and financial qualifications of investors in any industrial or mineral project could leave a flourishing or stagnant situation not only for salt marketing in Iran, but also for global salt marketing too.

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