Christmas Marketing in Iran

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Christmas Marketing in Iran

When it’s time for the ground to come up with white fashion style, on the streets of Iranian market, on the sidewalk, artificial pine trees are lined with colorful tusks. Shop windows are full of stunning Christmas tasting. From adorable dolls to artificial trees, they are all stacked together in showcases.

In the showcase of one of these shops, a large replica of Santa's featuring a variety of small gifts, encouraging parents to rejoice their children with a small gift on New Year's Eve. The Christmas market has been in good place for many years since the beginning of December for marketing in Iran. The wealth of this market for a month is urging shopkeepers to place their toys, their bedding and jewelry, and they can fill the shops with the adornments of the holy Prophet Jesus. In the showcase shops, artificial pine trees in sizes ranging from 90 centimeters to 2.5 meters can be seen. A 90 cm tree can be purchased with 57 thousand Tomans, but it costs 600 thousand Tomans to buy a large 140 cm double tree in Iranian market. More expensive one-millionth examples of these trees are also found on sidewalks that seem to have better-quality. Trees are generally made in China or Thailand and their Chinese sample is cheaper. The seller says that the Thai trees you see are more expensive and have a longer life. They do not scrub their leaves and you can use them later during the year. The trees can also be washed, but if the Chinese are shed, all their leaves will be shed. In recent years, when China still had no footprint in market, Christians each year brought real pine trees and tasting with decorative handcrafts that often came from European countries for marketing in Iran. With the advent of China in the Iranian import market, there is no longer any real tree. Now everything is an artificial market, from its tree to its cold, cold snow. Sellers are forbidden to sell real pine trees for use in Christmas, and the Iranian market is circling artificial trees. These trees are presented in green and white colors. White ones have snow on them and the green should be tinned with winter snow. But there are trees that on their leaves are artificial snow. The seller says the snowy trees are prettier, but you need to tint them more to look better. Among the larger trees are trees that can be peeled off and can be adjusted to the desired height.
Simple trees are different in terms of shape and color of the leaves. The trees are much more like a real tree, but most trees are plastic. If you look for fantasy trees, more technology is being used to build some trees in order to make much more profit out of Christmas marketing in Iranian market. For example, in the showcases, there is a one-dimensional tree shop that snowflakes like monoliths are continuously thrown over the air from the top like a fountain, and when they arrive, they collapse in a rectangular umbrella that lies beneath the tree, and again from the tree stem with an airplane to the air throwing away. This tree, which is illuminated and constantly spins around itself, worth more than one million Tomans! Buying the tree is your first cost for Christmas and New Year. There are many options for tasting a tree. However, most Christmas trees are made in China and Thailand, but among dandelions, blindfold products can compete with European models for marketing in Iran. The first tint is the colored strip that covers the tree. If you select rolled snowflakes, they will be sold in 15-meter packs at a price of 15,000. The next step is the pendants that hang like fruit from the branches of the tree. Balls are made of glass and breakable. These balloons, which are generally made in Germany, are not comparable to those of plastic made in China, but at their cost, they will fail if they fall from trees. A nine-pack package of these balloons is sold at 65,000 in Iranian market. There is also a different kind of ball that is made from the ping pong ball. These ballads have fantasy shapes like fruit and smileys. The vendors are throwing them to advertise it in front of the client's eyes so that the customer can be sure of their unbreakable security. These balloons that are not beautifully glassy can be bought at a cheaper price out of Iranian market. The 12-packs of these balloons are sold at a price of about 30,000 Tomans. Another trickier device must be installed at the tip of the Christmas tree. Usually a big star is used to do this. These stars range in size from 35 to 50. Others also use cloth ornaments that cost about 25-30 thousand Tomans for marketing in Iran. You can also use lanterns for tree design which, although cost you, but are more Christmassy on the New Year's Eve. Some are keen on turning on candle trees. For this occasion, in this market you will find candles. Mary's holy candles are sold in Iranian market for 30,000 Tomans. According to the Christian tradition, the "Christmas" midsummer kids go to the Christmas tree before they go to the New Year gifts below it.
These gifts, if they are small, go into large sock. Each of these socks is sold at a price of 15,000 in Iranian market. But the customs of "Christmas" do not end into a tree. Behind the house, on the occasion of the celebration of the wedding ring hangs. These rings have a range of cost from 35 to 100,000 for marketing in Iran. If the father of the family wants to bring his children more into the "Christmas" culture, he can buy "Santa Clause" at a price of 50 to 100,000 and put the gifts of children in a big bag and give them when he is wearing Santa’s custom. Another tradition related to this celebration is the small and big dolls that match the weather and the legendary characters of the children's stories. From the adamantine doll to the doll of deer sables "Santa Clause" you can see these gadgets with the price of small dolls starts at 40 thousand Tomans to four million Tomans which are available for marketing in Iran.

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