Motorcycle marketing in Iran

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Motorcycle marketing in Iran

Due to exchange rate fluctuations, motorcycle prices are priced as one of the means of income and cost reduction for Iranian households in Iranian market. According to the activists of this class, the goods are not supplied by the factories because the parts bought with the price of 4200 USD It's now in the customs,

they will not allow clearance until the difference between the rates announced by the customs authorities is paid.
Motorcycle is one of the vehicles that came to the Iranian market not long ago and is part of the lives of many citizens. A motorcycle that has become a source of revenue for many, and some others reduce the cost of their traveling.
Motorcycle with the increasing price of cars in Iranian market, for some, the role of pickup and for others is the role of family car. This two-wheeled vehicle, which occasionally experiences different laws of production, sales and traffic, cannot be considered a happy day for the Iranian market, and the problems of the oil in this market is in on shoulder of the final consumer in Iranian market who inevitably goes to buy and use this vehicle.
No goods for sale
The motorcycle marketing in Iran is already so inflammatory that, despite the buyer, there is no vendor for motorcycle sales, and this is not due to the vagina of the vendors, but the vendor does not have such a product for sale for marketing in Iran, and on the other hand, there is no accurate indication of the price of the product out of marketing in Iran.
If the series goes to Tehran's motorcycle market, one of which is the Shahrivar Street, then you will notice that each vendor declares for himself without any reason. For example, a motorcycle with a volume of 200 cc, designed and manufactured by India and assembled in Iranian market, and even some of its parts in Iran, was sold about three months ago at a maximum price of 10 million Tomans, but last week prices This product is priced at 14 million Tomans and is currently priced at between 16 million and 20 million for this Indian-Iranian motorcycle.
Motorcycles are more expensive than cars!
Also in the Iranian market there is a 249-cc motorcycle model that allows traffic on the city's surface, and with two cylinders one of the most expensive motorcycles in the Iranian market. The motorcycle, which had a price of about 18 million tomans three months ago, now has more than a four-wheel zero-speed pride, and sells 35 million tomans.
Along with these cool and colorful motorbikes, the cheap and cheaply priced Honda motorcycles are no less affordable, and in order to make a machine, this motorcycle must have at least 4,500,000 Tomans; it cost a motorcycle whose price in the last two or two years was at worst two million tomans.
Pricing in a new way!
Regarding the current market conditions, a motorcycle vendor told ISNA, "There is currently no fixed price for all types of motorcycles, and should inform the final customer, knowing the price of the co-workers."
He continued, "Factories do not sell merchandise to vendors, and the Iranian market faces a shortage of products, while factories claim that motorcycle parts are purchased at 4200 tomans and arrived at the customs, but it can be cleared when the difference between the rate of 4200Tomans and the rate of 9000 Tomans per dollar will be paid.
Demand for cogeneration engines is more than an injector
It's worth noting that a commodity that has been imported into the market with less than 4,000 in the past few days and which, despite having to be sold at 4,000, has cost more, and why the consumer protection organization In Iranian market; manufacturers have no control over the Iranian motorcycle market, and has left the market as other markets as dairy and clothing.
Regarding the status of the Iranian motorcycle market, Mohammad Khadem Mansouri, chairman of the motorcycle dealers' association, told ISNA, according to the decisions made, the production of motorcycles was prevented by the non-proliferation of such motorcycles, and the latest production has been on the market for some time now; while the demand for motorcycles in Iranian market is still more than motorcycles available for marketing in Iran.
Honda's engines should not exceed 3.5 million
He said that rising demand for a product would increase, he noted: "The price of products in all markets, such as gold, food and car, is rising now, with rising prices in the economy driven by the price of motorcycles super-hot," he said.
Khadem Mansouri answers the question of why cheap products sold in Iranian market are sold at a price of about five million tomans; he said that the Honda model engines will have a price range of three million and 500 thousand, and if sold for 5 million, the customer will not be able to pay for them.
Motorcycle parts are not allowed to leave the customs!
Dow also said in response to the question of whether the dollar would fall from 12,000 to 9,000 in the fall of motorcycle prices, he said, adding that the 9,000 will continue to cost 5,000 to 6,000, which has not been marketed at a rate of 9000.
The head of the motorcycle dealers union saw the major motorcycle price increase in the price of parts and materials, saying: "The manufacturers of the product and parts have been bought at a rate of 4,200 per ton and are currently in the customs of Iranian market, and as long as the difference between the announced rate Customs is not pay, clearance is not allowed.
Lack of production and supply of motorcycles in the Iranian market
He stressed that the pricing of domestic products would be calculated by the sponsorship organization according to the production rate of the Producers' Association, which should not offer customers with a profit of 7% at the city level.
The head of the motorcycle dealers' union, answering the question of whether the size of the factory production in recent months is responsive to Iranian market demand; he said that in the past four months, the production of factories is not responsive to Iranian market demand, and we currently face a shortage of motorcycles for marketing in Iran.

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