Mushroom marketing in Iran

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Mushroom marketing in Iran

Some goods that were previously considered as ornamental products now they have completely shifted in the basket of household goods in Iranian market and, consequently, their production has gone up for marketing in Iran.

"Mushroom" is one of the foods that have not been consumed for many years by Iranian costumers in Iranian market, but now it can be considered as a main food, and in the recent years, the production and cultivation of mushrooms is one of the most salaried jobs, although its market has always been a great deal of fluctuation due to mushroom marketing in Iran. Ali Ghahari is a young Zanjanian farmer who has been involved in mushroom cultivation for nine years and is now sharing his experience with us in order to share with others to help them succeed out of mushroom marketing in Iran.
Do not do this without specialist information
You must first calculate the costs based on the cultivating area, how much this cost does and how much the variable is. If you are a beginner, you should increase your specialized information in the first step, and if you do not know about it, do not start with any title for marketing in Iran. Any home workshop can be used to grow mushrooms, but if you look at it as a permanent job, you should follow a series of tips for a successful competition in Iranian market. A standard hall should be six meters wide and 18 meters long, but these dimensions can be smaller at home workshops. The walls and doors of your salon must be insulated, and you can use the maximum space to store the hall and use up to five floors. The spacing of each floor should be at least 60 cm, with shelves should be metal with a steel profile, and aluminum and stainless steel profiles in international standards. For almost 100 meters, the cost of these shelves is about 3 million to 4 million tomans.
The raw material for this is the mushroom compost, which of course you can produce composts yourself in the workshop, but its production in small workshops is not profitable and it is cost-efficient it to buy compost production plants in Iranian market. The price per kilo of compost is 950 tomans, and with a simple multiplication, the compost can be measured. The second part of the raw material is the soil covering, which is based on the cubic meter, which is used per square meter from 135 thousand to 400 thousand tomans, which is better to cover the soil. For a 100-meter-wide five-story hall, about ten tons of compost is needed, which is about 10 million and 500 thousand tomans. Nearly six cubic meters of dirt is needed, which costs around 900,000 tomans. 200 to 300 thousand tons are also spent by workers who carry fertilizers. Of course, the cost of renting or buying a separate hall must be taken into account for marketing in Iran.
You can harvest mushrooms five times a year
The fungus is harvested periodically, and each period is about two months. First, pour the mushroom compost into the blocks and wait until about 13 to 15. After that, you have to thump. Soils should be saturated with water and must be free of bacteria and pasteurized. We place the soil up to a depth of five to six centimeters completely uniformly on the previously softened compost bed. The salon's temperature should be 26 and humidity varies between 88 to 98 percent. After a four-day hole, we enter the rabbling stage. The rabbling is a plowing operation, and after a couple of days, aeration begins, and it takes about 10 days for the small fungus to be called "pinheads". The fungi that formed were first flushed with water, then watered directly and coarse, and began to be picked up. Here you can get the first impression that you are saying, "First Flash" or "First Harvest". You can have three mushrooms to harvest them for marketing in Iran and sale them in your closest Iranian market. Of course, up to five times can mushrooms be picked up, but the last two are not economical. So, usually after two three chambers, we drain the salon and bring new compost. The first picked up will grow in for less than ten days, although next has a third lower volume. You can have five mushroom harvests per year, but six courses are hard, and it's almost impossible at the first time. You can pick up mushrooms for about 2 tons and 700 kilograms each course. If all the conditions are favorable, you can earn about three million Tomans from this hall of 100 meters each time out of mushroom marketing in Iran.
The mushroom market fluctuates
Management in the field of agriculture and especially the fungus has a serious problem. There are so many mushrooms in the Iranian market at times, and they all can be grown in the basement of your home, which may damage your fungus, and there are times when there is so much customers in Iranian market that enough mushroom is not available for marketing in Iran. The volatility of the mushroom market in Iran is high and this risk increases your work, and since its expiration date is not long, much cannot be thought of as exports from Iran to global market.


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