Bike marketing in Iran

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Bike marketing in Iran

Nowadays, when one is to buy a bike from Iranian market, not only can he choose a good brand, but also such as; size, color, model, etc. one must consider several items for bike purchase out of Iranian market.

Of course, in the Iranian market other than the world-famous brand, there are different brands available for marketing in Iran, some of which sellers use the neglect of customers and sell these brands as a famous or high-quality product of Taiwan. Of course, there are also importers to Iran and manufacturers in Iranian market that sell brand famous brands on bicycles that are produced by their own order in China and sell them on the Iranian market instead of the original brand, which professionally And morality is not right.
How to identify a brand as a counterfeit brand
Usually, the original brands have global sites with the name of their product, such as: Cannondale, Fujibikes, which provides these sites with full information about all their products and technology and their full specifications, such as address, telephone and so on from the factory and its headquarters on those sites. It should be noted that the specifications of the products that are representatives of each of these companies have official dealership in Iranian market must make comply with the specifications specified on the site.
All brands have a serial number under the hub of their trunk that can be detected by the factory and the manufacturer.
You can email the name, specifications, and serial numbers of the bike to the manufacturer and ask what the main characteristics of the bike are, in order to make sure that the product you have purchased in Iranian market is the main product and whether this is the main bike or a fake one.
There are also vendors operating in reputable companies or stores, and they are also bicycling themselves, and there are also good records, but to upgrade their sales, they violate professional and ethical principles. They question the other brands without any solid reason.
How does a misleading brand harm your body?
A standard bike needs to have frame technology and engineering, and in the absence of this engineering, a non-standard bike will harm your body. The important thing is that the bikes are dressed like clothes and shoes, and different cyclists must choose their size in proportion to their height. In addition, note that you can choose the size of a bike fitted to your tire by the size of the trunk, not on the size of the tire.
In the case of bicycle warranty, there are a few points to note due to marketing in Iran:
Warranty applied for marketing in Iran and in all countries only includes the bicycle trunk. The bicycle maker guarantees only the frame it has built. For example, the bike accessories are manufactured by the Shimano factory, and the manufacturer of the frame purchased them from another company and installed it on the frame that it has built, so it makes no sense to guarantee the parts that it did not produce itself. Consumables do not include warranty, as the dealer guarantees you all the components of the bike; you have not been told anything else but lie.
If you have provided a bicycle and its parts are in trouble, you should refer to the same item for a warranty on the same brand name. For example, if Shamanem Shimano had a reasonable bug that would include warranty, if Shimano was in Iranian market where you reside, you must contact the company for warranty and service.
It's more worth the bike to the frame and its engineer and technology, not its accessories because at any moment you can upgrade bicycle accessories out of great bike marketing in Iran. Unfortunately, in the Iranian market, when you go to some stores to buy a bike, its vendors It continues to tell about the bike that is installed on the bike and does not give you the information trunk technology, which means that the trunk of the bike, which is the main part of a bike, does not have a reliable technology that the seller only uses on its accessories Special emphasis.
It is true that the appliances also have their own seat, but if you want to buy a good bike, you should have the appropriate bike, standard frame and reasonable accessories. Always the vendor information should be complete, which can give you explanations about both the frame and trunk engineering.
Get advice from who have enough information in this regard before purchasing. Try to consult the bikers of the advisers who are fit and not prejudiced on any brand. Of course, in this case, given the large volume of information on bicycles and brands on the Internet, you can also use this option to raise your scientific level for better purchases.
Different mountain and city bikes localized for marketing in Iran
Fortunately, in Iranian market over recent years, the difference between a mountain bike and a city is felt among cyclists and enthusiasts of this field. If your use of bikes is for the transport only in the city, you must have a city bike. Enjoy the ride. But if you want to go to the mountain for fun, a city bike with thin tires is not suitable for these trails and you should use a mountain bike with treads suitable for the route.
Which tire size is better? 26 "or 27.5" - 29ā€¯
In fact, the size of the tire of these bikes is designed for a particular route, but in our country even among professional cyclists, 26 "or 27.5" or 29 "are better than one another, or the size of the tire 26" is outdated. In fact, this is not the case, usually bikes "29 are chosen for routes that have a sloping path. Cities like Isfahan or Qazvin will be more pleasurable to have a minimum tilt of bike rides for you with a 29-bike." It is noteworthy that with the 29 "tire, bumps will be more comfortable to pass.

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