Iranian pastry and biscuit Export and Import market

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Iranian pastry and biscuit Export and Import market

Reduce exports of blooming cereals
The blooming grains are one product of this sector in Iranian market,

which in the first eight months of this year was more than 5,900 tones volumes and worth more than $ 21 million worth of exports. Of course, these figures were 27 percent weighted and 23 percent lower in terms of value.
The bulk of cereals exported to Iranian market to the level of 8700 tons and worth more than two million and 800 thousand dollars. The exports of this sector in terms of weight and value are 19.2 percent and 75 percent, respectively.
Drop in starch exports
In the first eight months of the current year, grain crops also amounted to 80 tons of exports worth $ 0.1 million, up from a year earlier, at 300 and 400 percent, respectively.
The starch is another product of this group that during the first eight months of the current year, its exports amounted to 2,200 tons worth 1 million and 300 thousand dollars out of Iranian market, which figures in terms of weight and value is significantly reduced, and exports of this product weighs more than 37% And its value added exports dropped by 28%.
Wheat gluten is another product that has been worth $ 3,900,000 in the eight months of this year and more than 2,400 tons have been exported to different countries other than Iranian market but global market.
Iranian chocolate and biscuit export markets
The value of exports of all kinds of sweets and chocolate products out of Iranian market increased by 25.7% and 92.5%, compared to last year. From Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Cote d'Ivoire and Azerbaijan, it is mentioned as the main export market for Iranian chocolates and sweets. In the first eight months of this year, exports to Iraq increased by 19.7% compared to the same period last year, and exports to Afghanistan decreased by 15.6%. Other countries faced a significant increase in exports of this product: Pakistan 46.7%, Ivory Coast 62.5%, and Azerbaijan 88.9% increase imports of biscuits and sweets from Iranian market.
Deputy Minister of Industry
The import tariffs for Iranian sweets and chocolate to Eurasia are zero
The deputy minister of industry said after several meetings with the Eurasian countries we were able to bring the import tariffs for Iranian biscuits and chocolate products to the countries mentioned made below zero.
According to the ministry of industry, Mojtaba Khosrowatj, Chief of the Trade Development Organization (WTO), at the second meeting of the Chocolate and Confectionery Export Import Office, referring to the final stages of negotiations with the Eurasian Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia), said: We hope that exporters will be able to use this opportunity in the near future out of Iranian market.
Subsequent to this meeting, private sector exporters report on the export situation of confectionery, chocolate, and cereal products, which pose problems in exporting these products, including barriers to the production and export of confectionery and chocolate products, to temporary import of raw materials, in particular Sugar, VAT refunds for exporters and maritime transport for potential markets such as Oman from Iranian market.
It should be noted that despite the positive growth and positive trade balance in the export of sweets and chocolate products in recent years out of Iranian market, due to the vacancy in the production sector, the value of exports of these products in the range of 500 to 600 million dollars, which is planned to complete empty capacities, facilitate entry Provisional raw materials, as well as the conclusion of preferential trade agreements with target markets, could reach the goal of $ 1 billion in exports annually from Iranian market.
The meeting stipulated that the private sector, in cooperation with the Biscuit Industries, Sweets and Chocolate Industries Association, send its requests to the Organization for Trade Development of Iran to take the necessary measures in order to facilitate the temporary admission of raw materials to the expert council of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The most important items in the imported goods related to this industry are some of the raw materials needed such as powder, butter, and cocoa paste, additives, stabilizers, emulsifiers as well as final products such as gum, chocolate, cereal, biscuits, biscuits, wafer, etc. The import volume related to this industry to Iranian market in 2017 was 27.47 tons and worth 62 million dollars in 2009 and 19.8 thousand in weight in 2016, and value in value of 50 million dollars in 2009, the major import items including powder And butter and cocoa paste. In addition, the import volume in 2017 due to the increase in the number of production units compared to the previous year compared to 2016 in terms of weight and value increased by 38% and 24% respectively.
Supporting the tariffs for the domestic products of the sweets and chocolate industry for marketing in Iran: In order to protect domestic products, tariff protection of all products of this industry in Chapters 17, 18 and 19 of law imposes export and import regulations out of Iranian market with the application of 45, 50, 65 and 75 percent there have been.
Level of global trade in sweets and chocolates
- The export volumes of various types of sweets, chocolate, cocoa and other products in 2016 were about $ 2.75 billion worldwide.
- The import volumes of various types of sweets, chocolate, cocoa and other products in 2016 were about $ 73.5 billion in the whole world.
- According to the statistics of exports of this industry in Iranian market and its comparison with the whole world, Iran's share of the world's total exports in the field of sweets and chocolate is about 0.64%.

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