Iranian pastry and biscuit market

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Iranian pastry and biscuit market

The value of Iranian pastry and biscuit exports has increased last year by 6.2%. While the weight of exported goods from Iranian market in this sector declined by 7.6%. In other words, in terms of declining exports out of Iranian market, the revenue generated by this sector has increased,

reflecting the high prices of sweets and biscuits on the world market. Also, non-cocoa sweets last year generated 181 million and 100 thousand dollars in foreign exchange earnings which is 23.6 percent higher than in the same period last year in Iranian market. Of course, this increase was due to the fact that the weight of the product increased by 22.9%. The cocoa figure is another commodity that has risen last year and costs about 112 million and 100 thousand dollars. Export to Iranian market by 3 percent from its previous year got cold, but the increase was due to the fact that the weight of goods exported in this sector decreased by 19 percent. Altogether, 685 million and 600 thousand dollars have been exported to Iranian market in the pastry and chocolate group over the past year, up from 21.2 percent year-on-year. Of course, it should not be forgotten that the percentage increase in weight of total goods exported in this sector has grown by 117% over pastry, chocolate and biscuit marketing in Iran.
Why did biscuit exports drop?
One of the reasons for reducing the weight of exports of various biscuits and Iranian pastries can be noted, for example, by increasing the tariffs of this sector by the Iraqi government. Also, the volatility of the exchange rate, the political and security problems of the region, and the opening and closing of the borders, customs clearance licenses in Iraq and Pakistan have been among the barriers to exporting this commodity, as the major export markets out of Iranian market for various types of biscuits and sweets of Iranian market can be considered Afghanistan, Pakistan, Cote d'Ivoire and Azerbaijan. The following table shows the export of biscuits and sweets to these countries. In the cacao chocolate section, there are some issues like the above. There are similar markets for biscuits and pastry for the same product, but the trade balance in biscuit exports last year was positive at 252.5 billion dollars, since imports from Iranian market in this sector totaled only $ 4.9 million It was also announced that in the export sector, all types of confectionery products had a positive balance of 173.3 million dollars. In the chocolate sector, the trade balance of $ 98.2 million was positive.
Iranian chocolate and biscuit export markets
ISNA: According to statistics, in the first eight months of this year, nearly 314,000 tons of sweetened and chocolate products worth about $ 440 million were exported from Iranian market, with Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Côte d'Ivoire and Azerbaijan the main buyers of these products out of Iranian market.
Exports of this sector have reached a level that grew by 25.7% over the same period of the previous year, 92.5% and 25.7%, respectively. In other words, due to the increased volume of exports, it seems that the value of these products in the world has decreased significantly and is less than one third.
But among the products in this group, the largest increase in exports out of Iranian market can be attributed to wheat flour, which grew by about 1200 percent over a one-year period. Of course, this weight gain has not increased, and the price of the product has not changed compared to last year. Thus, in the first eight months of this year, about 170,000 tons of wheat flour worth 42 million and 400 thousand dollars were exported to different countries from Iranian market.
The export of flour powdered in this period also doubled in terms of weight. Of course, this happened when the value of the product in the global market grew by 100% and its export from Iranian market reached 60 tons, which was worthy.
Cereal flour, other than wheat, is another product that, although it's five times as high in terms of weight, but its value has not changed; in other words, this year it was sold one fifth of the price of the previous year to world markets. The weight of the product exported in this sector is about 60 tons and worth about 0.01 million dollars.
40% increase in cocoa-free confectionery
But one of the other sectors with a significant increase in exports from Iranian market is cocoa-based sweets, 40.8 percent and 55.4 percent, respectively. Thus, in this section, 36,600 tons of products worth $ 118 million were exported out of Iranian market.
Exports of chocolate cocoa have declined, with cocoa exports rising by more than 29 percent over the past year, along with an increase in exports of non-cocoa confectionery. This weight loss is due to the fact that the value of exports in this sector is very low and is 1.8%, in other words, it can be said that Iranian chocolate has grown significantly in world markets.
During the first eight months of this year, exports to this sector amounted to 13,800 tons, worth more than 70 million and 700 thousand dollars.
But in the pastry sector and biscuits, we also saw a 9.4% decline in exports, but the export value of the product, however, was 11% higher. It can be concluded that Iranian sweets and biscuits have become more expensive in world markets last year. In this section, more than 74 thousand tons of products worth 176.2 million dollars were exported from Iranian market.
Fat-based cocoa paste is one of the other items in terms of weight and value with reduced exports, with a 76.9% and 50.9% decrease in terms of weight and value. In the first eight months of this year, 300 tons of cocoa pastes have been issued with fat worth $ 2,700.
Fat-free cocoa paste has not been exported in the first eight months of this year and its weight has dropped by 100% year-over-year.
Cocoa powder also saw an increase of 400 percent in exports and an increase of 344.4 percent in terms of value. Nevertheless, in this area, only 10 tons of goods worth $ 0.04 million were issued.

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