Engine oil marketing in Iran

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Engine oil marketing in Iran

The economic activist, announcing that the Iranian market share of the motor oil market is currently in the hands of domestic producers, said that in order to organize the Iranian market, a revision should be made at the feed price of the refinery.

Engine and industrial oils are considered as a group of important and strategic goods in today's industrialized world, which are increasingly used to facilitate the movement of surfaces in contact with each other, and practically non-consumable mechanical motors, according to Shato's car news agency. Engine oils are not able to work with high quality.
One of the main determinants of the relative advantage of this product is the abundance and easy access to raw materials. Since the production of various types of motor and industrial oils in the usual way, a petroleum cutting is used, therefore, given the huge oil reserves and the presence of Special Forces in Iranian market, this industry has a relatively high advantage.
In the manufacture of lubricants, two main components of the lubricant (as the basic ingredient) and additives are used. For the preparation of base oils, three methods are currently used: the use of oil cuts, refining of treated oils (second refining), synthetic preparation (synthetic). Additives are chemicals with special compounds that repair and correct base oil properties and add features to the final product for marketing in Iran.
9.5% share of refined petroleum products from the value added industry sector
Engine and industrial oils are classified in the subcategory "refined petroleum products" (2320), with the average share of the "refined petroleum refined products" (2320) of the value added industry (at current prices) of about 9.5 percent, and The average share of employment is 2.1% based on the results of the census of 10 workshops and most of the Iranian Statistical Center in 2009-2010.
The minimum annual economic capacity of motor oil production (first treatment) is 50 thousand tons, and the industrial oil (first treatment) is 8 thousand tons. The average investment cost to create a job in this industry out of oil marketing in Iran is 165 million USD and the average investment cost will be $ 4,700 million.
Added capacity of 3.5 million by completing half-finished designs
In the semi-finished designs of this industry in Iranian market, Hormozgan, Isfahan, Golestan, Mazandaran, Khuzestan, Bushehr and Yazd provinces account for about 70% of nominal capacities, which, if used, will have a capacity of 3.5 million tons will be added to the current capacity of this product for marketing in Iran.
In Iranian market, there are four oil refineries in Bourran, Iranol, Pars Oil and Sepahan Oil Company with a capacity of 950 thousand tons in base oil production over oil marketing in Iran. The active units associated with the production of motor and industrial oils (first refining) located in the provinces of Tehran, Isfahan, Qazvin, Qom, Semnan account for 70% of the industry's nominal capacity.
Production of 218 thousand tons of motor and industrial oil in the 6 months of this year in Iranian market
The production of motor and industrial oil (first treatment) in 1395 equaled 446 thousand tons, and in the same period of 1396 it was 218 thousand tons. In 1395, the share of Tehran province in production of this product was 87 percent and Isfahan province 11.5 percent.
The highest oil export destinations are Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the highest volumes of oil imports from the Emirate, Germany and Turkey.
If you do not always go to a fixed location, you will encounter numerous and sometimes conflicting quotations, and if you are a bit obsessed with it, you will receive an Iranian oil tribute to the oil company, it sells its cheap price and opts for a brand-friendly, colorful, and cool exterior. Perhaps you do not know, but the effect of the Latin letters on the packaging of motor oil on the buyer is greater than the impact of the colorful and exciting TV propaganda of Iranian market’s engine oil.
Our habitual justification for the Iranians to buy foreign brands and the lack of confidence in Iranian markets production, although in some areas is even defensible, is an analogy in the field of refined products for a country that is one of the richest countries in supplying refineries, It is unlikely that it will lead us to the brink. At present, there are some high quality engine oil brands in the Iranian market and they are mainly exported to the Gulf countries; Countries whose major vehicles are neither from Iranian market, nor China cars.
Our oil reporter reports, Iranian market motor oil is exported and used on a significant scale to these countries. In the thriving Iranian oil market, there are products that, in terms of quality and standard, are not only comparable to those of a foreign class, but also have a cheaper price advantage than foreign ones. But in many cases, vendors are encouraging buyers to use an external sample because of the greater interest they bring from the importer.
Although Iranian markets companies are willing to pay more for better advertising in Iran and marketing in Iran, the producer and consumer protection organization will not allow domestic companies to raise prices, and the result will be an increase in demand for motor oil with brand over oil marketing I Iran. External and removes internal oils from the consumption cycle. Meanwhile, according to the managing director of Pars Oil Refinery, ninety percent of the oil sold in the Iranian market by foreign brands is domestic. Sometimes the origin of their production is unknown and not necessarily of high quality. Also, because of the circumvention of sanctions, many of Iran's export products are also exported as a foreign brand. What is clear on this vague market is that there are some well-known Iranian brands that offer high-quality, low-priced and in-house brand names.


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