Important tips for best advertisements

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Important tips for best advertisements

Many brand owners use different advertising methods to introduce themselves and their products. After a while they see that sales do not make much difference. Then it comes to the conclusion that advertising is not a good way to increase sales. But the main problem is the type of promotions they use.

A proper advertising design and implementation principles are expected in order to act proficiently. Advertisements can have different goals, such as product introduction, company introduction, or direct sales of goods. The purpose of the advertisement is direct sales of goods. From what is experienced, we realize that the overall goals of top advertising will be as follows;
- Each advertisement pursues specific goals, but the general purpose of advertising is to introduce technology with new Iranian machinery and equipment in Iran’s market. Another of the advertising goals of attracting new customers and new agents in Iran’s market is the recognition and improvement of distribution channels and their relationship with others. The main reason that most foreign investors cannot achieve the above goals is lack of knowledge about principles of marketing in Iran and how to attend the Iranian market. They have not seen or are not aware of it or have little information. Obtaining new orders to introduce better products and provide better services than other promotional purposes which lead us to fame in Iranian market are these other goals are:
- Introducing the latest products manufactured to buyers
- Provide information, achievements and applied research, technical research, production and commercial fields. In this context, Iran localize team will help you
- Measure the market for the consumption of goods and use opportunities for optimization.
- Comprehensive compilation of homogeneous manufacturing products.
- Have an available equipment display.
It is also important to conduct market research for the distribution and sale of goods both inside and outside which Iran localize attempt to do its best in order to achieve you goals.

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