Pharmaceutical industry in Iranian market

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Pharmaceutical industry in Iranian market

Generally, drugs are divided into three groups of natural, semi-synthetic and synthetic origin. The analysis of the pharmaceutical industry out of Iranian market requires the recognition of the specific characteristics of this industry.

The pharmaceutical industry has the features that make it different from other industries. The most important features of this industry are:
1. The stages of production and supply of drugs (value chain).
2. Extensive changes in the structure of pharmaceutical products industry (future-oriented industry).
The future of the pharmaceutical industry
The drug industry, after the service delivery industry, has the most "forward-thinking" percentage. In other words, in this industry attention to the future prospects and adopting a prospective approach is one of the main objectives and an answer to the challenges which this industry is facing for marketing in Iran. The pharmaceutical industry with the index of 74.4% ranked second after corporate services in the future.
Pharmaceutical Industry Manufacturers
Types of manufacturers of the drug industry operate in the world that are not necessarily branded and not known. The strategies of each company differ from each other and based on the type of products (unprinted, generic, branded, etc.); the brand development amount is categorized in the following categories:
Prescription Drug Manufacturers (With Version): Significant Characteristics; Extensive R & D spending, global sales and marketing infrastructure (branded).
Over-the-counter prescription drug manufacturers (OTC): Significant; Direct Marketing Capacity to Consumer (Brand).
Generic manufacturers: Significant feature; Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Cost Leadership.
Biotic manufacturers: Significant feature; Own intellectual property rights in specialized research areas.
The world's premier growing industry
The growth of absolute income, the growth of deployment over 10 years and the expected performance expected to rise in 2018 not only in Iranian market but also in global market. By focusing on eco-friendly practices and taking advantage of technological advances, it is expected that these industries will continue to rise and outstrip other industries in the economy out of marketing in Iran. The pharmaceutical industry is among the top industries with revenue growth projections of $ 72682.2 million by 2017.
Global drug market situation
Drug selling process
Global drug sales reached $ 1014.7 billion in 2013 from $ 789.1 billion in 2013. It is noteworthy that these figures are based on the total sales of the pharmaceutical industry and based on the statistics of different regions of the world and does not necessarily mean the sale of a series of drugs from the factory, so this number shows the size of the drug market and maybe there are also statistics on imports and exports of different regions.
The share of each area of the drug marketing in Iran and global market
It is true that developing countries are increasing their market share, but traditional world markets still have the largest share. Most of the world's drug is produced in North America and Europe. In Asia, it is also the leading drug maker in Japan. According to statistics released in 2013, North America accounted for 37% of the world's largest pharmaceutical market share, with Africa and the Middle East having the lowest share of the global drug market with 4%. In 2015, 46 percent of the global drug market belongs to the United States, 21 percent belongs to Europe, 22 percent to developed markets and 11 percent to other markets.

Countries ranking in terms of drug market
The drug market of the countries is measured based on the turnover of the pharmaceutical industry which Iranian market comes to be noted as a good area due to pharmaceutical marketing in Iran. The turnover includes the purchase of raw materials from suppliers, the sale of medicines to consumers, the import and export of medicines, the volume of investments and the market value of pharmaceutical companies.
Developed countries
In the global drug market stepping Iranian market aside, developed countries are leading the way in drug production and consumption. North America (38%), Europe (29%) and Japan (12%) account for almost 79% of the global drug market. In other words, developing countries accounting for about 85 percent of the world's population, only 21 percent of the world's drug is consumed.
Emerging markets
A large volume of global drug market growth will be due to the emergence of emerging markets by 2018. The growth rate of these markets will be 8-11% by 2018. The share of emerging markets which Iranian market can be one of them will grow from 24% in 2013 to 28% in 2018 from $ 242.9 billion in 2013 to $ 358-388 billion in 2018, and will account for nearly 50% of the market growth by 2018. .
According to this definition, emerging countries include Chinese market (class1), Brazilian market, Russian and Indian market (rank2) and Mexican market, Turkish market, Polish market, Venezuela’s market, Argentina market, Indonesian market, South Africa’s market, Thailand’s market, Egypt’s market, Ukraine’s market, Pakistan’s market, Algeria’s market, Colombian market, Nigerian market, Romanian market, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam’s market (Category 3). According to this definition, Iranian market could also be ranked 3rd in the developing world. By 2018, the emerging markets will be the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world, with the result that the European countries of Germany’s market, French market, Italian market, Spanish market and the United Kingdom’s market will be behind the United States market.
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