Psychological concepts in Iranian market  part 2

Psychological concepts in Iranian market part 2

As we mentioned in earlier article many marketing and advertising experts who mastered psychological concepts believe that it is easy to analyze and influence people by using a checklist of incentives and using the pyramid of needs. Now we are to discuss more about it.
4. People are looking for value
Value is not just a fixed figure in Iranian market. The value of anything depends on a number of factors, including what you sell in Iranian market ,

the price others offer in Iranian market, the price the customer usually pays for it in Iranian market, how much the customer wants, and the difference between your offer and others in the Iranian customers’ opinion. You must create value for your product or service equal to or greater than the suggested price in Iranian market. The higher the price (value) you offer could get rather than the costs, the more likely it is to sell in Iranian market.
5. People think in everyday language
The human brain is not a computer, data processor or calculator. Scientists have proven that the main task of the brain is to establish social intercourse. Do you remember that during school time, some mathematical problems were raised in the context of everyday life situations? Solving them was always easier to solve abstract issues. Therefore, your advertisement in Iranian market must include happy faces with the names of individuals, personal pronouns, quotations, recommendations, stories and photos of the satisfied customers. By the way you need to pay attention to the appropriateness of your advertisement in Iranian market.
6. You cannot force people to do something
If the Iranian customer buys your products, it does not mean that you have magic powers. You can persuade, insist, and tempt; but ultimately, people do what they want. So your task is to show what you provide, how it will meet customer need in Iranian market. Finally you need to work hard on showing your values in Iranian market in order to aid Iranian costumers. Another important factor in this regard is to be so good in your advertisement and your services too resulting gaining Iranian costumers trust to provide them best reasons in order to pick you over other rivals in Iranian market.

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